A Message to Our Members

Members, keep your workouts going with our Custom Virtual Online app designed specifically with you in mind. You can download your free FQ App below:

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As of today, November 16th, 2020, Fitness Quest has switched to virtual training with our customized virtual training app. We would like to thank you for your continued support and we would like to take this opportunity to further continue with our mission to help you achieve your fitness goals through December 14th.

We will be reaching out through text, email, and phone communication and are making this app completely free to you, our valued members, for the life of your membership.

We’re proud to offer more than 15,000 different exercises and an avatar to demonstrate all of them. We are very confident that during the short time that Governor Inslee is not allowing in-club workouts, we can still give you the continued service that we have promised you since your enrollment.

Your dues will continue for the next 30 days and of course will continue following December 14th, which Governor Inslee has said will be when we are back with in-club workouts. If there is an extension of not allowing in-club workouts past December 14th we will be back in touch with you to discuss different options.

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