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Fitness Quest is dedicated to providing you an environment that is supportive, motivational, educational and committed to providing every tool necessary to help you make permanent lifestyle changes as you reach your goals.

Fitness Quest supports you with its proven success system. We understand your needs and believe that there is no such thing as a “one-size fits all” program out there that exists. Based on your specific goals, we will customize your one of a kind training and nutrition program to fit your needs in our Group Personal Training programs.

Fitness Quest provides passionate and knowledgeable coaches who will be there to guide you every step of the way in reaching your health and wellness goals; so whether you are just starting your fitness journey, a fitness enthusiast or an elite athlete – you are sure to get the ultimate training experience at any fitness level. Our sessions are fun, challenging, progressively evolving and designed to break you through to new limits.

Fitness Quest offers the latest in equipment, science and technology. Our training sessions are 60 minutes in length (known as the FitZone-60) and each day of the week emphasizes a different focus to provide you with a one of a kind training experience that allows us to build a program specific to your goals. During your session you will be provided a POD with real-time heart-rate monitoring display system so we can monitor your 5-zone training experience. Our system will send you customized Performance Summary e-mails so you can track your progress.

Our clients burn an average of 500 – 1,000 calories per session and continue to experience an after-burn effect (known as EPOC) for up to the next 24 – 38 hours. Beyond the best training experience, Fitness Quest offers coaching in proper nutrition, supplementation and recovery to ensure you are safely recovering through your EPOC (Excess Post-Energy Oxygen Consumption) and that your are receiving the optimal results you deserve from all your hard-earned work.

From Group Personal Training, Meal Prep Services and Online Nutrition Coaching – we are committed to providing every tool necessary to help make permanent lifestyle changes as goals are reached.


  • All Fitness Levels – New Fitness Journey, Fitness Enthusiast to Elite Athlete.
  • Friends and Family Community Environment (Built in Support System).
  • State of the Art Equipment and Technology.
  • Better Strength and Conditioning.
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health.
  • Increased Mobility and Flexibility.
  • Personal Defense Tactics.
  • Functional Patterns and Movements.
  • Exercise Clinics to Improve Performance.
  • Heart Rate Monitor and POD so we can monitor your 5-Zone experience reaching the FitZone.
  • Training that delivers EPOC (Excess Post-Energy Oxygen Consumption).
  • Body Compositions.
  • Nutritional Recommendations, Health & Wellness Education and Lifestyle Coaching.
  • Food Prep Services through Peak Nutrition Services.
  • Support in reaching the highest level of your fitness and health.

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